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01_General concept | The recent damage of their buildings caused by the typhoon left the people of Burgos/Siargao in great distress and severely traumatized them. It is therefore very important that they find the courage to face life again. We want to create a social common place that can strengthen the cohesion in their community and that gives Burgos a new center.

02 _Program | The market hall opens towards the main street and offers the opportunity to sell goods both inside and outside. The partially covered outdoor space is an important meeting place. This is where news is exchanged, this is where the community finds its way back to itself in a casual way. At the other side of the hall the Karinderya is located. It also has a spacious terrace with a direct connection to the community (kitchen-) garden. The spatial quality of the Karinderya will quickly become the social center of Burgos. Here people can chat, here political participation can take place, here the ideas and concepts that contribute to the reconstruction of Burgos can emerge. On the upper floor there is another place for coming together. It is equipped with a small library and serves as an extension of the Karinderya. The manager‘s studio is even located on the upper floor.

03_Building techniques | We propose a statically extremely stable, parabolic hall construction that evokes associations with a shipyard, a train station, a basilica or even a market hall. It is accessible from all sides. The redundant construction – the parabolic arches stand in a grid of two meters – will withstand even the heaviest storms.

04_Material | All materials used are easy to obtain. The skills of the local craftsmen are sufficient to erect the building. The main construction is made of ACADIA TIMBER, the construction of the interior fittings is made of COCONUT TIMBER. The floors are solid wooden floorboards. There can be a patchwork of different woods here, depending on what is easy to obtain. The roof consists of CORRUGATED SHEETS, the glazing of commercially available WIRED GLASS (storm protection).

05_Sustainability | Due to the low-tech construction + the materials customary on site + the processing of wood that is familiar for the people, the building can be erected by their own. Therefore it has a minimal overall carbon footprint.

06_Typhoon resistance | In order to be prepared for catastrophic storms, the entire hall construction is permanently anchored to the concrete foundation using strong steel cables. They span the hall uncompromisingly. In combination with the parabolic construction of the main beams and this steel bracing, the stability is secured even in the heaviest storms. This hall will offer the population safe protection and care in the event of a disaster.

In order to protect the entire building from being destroyed by storms, we also suggest that all glass surfaces are covered with stable wooden panels as soon as a storm is forecast. Then the building will be completely closed like a cocoon. These panels will be preconfigured and stored above the first floor in the roof truss. Alternatively, folding systems could be designed for wooden shutters that are already part of the facade construction.

07_Conclusion | Due to the low-tech construction + the local materials + the possibility of self-construction by the craftsmen from Burgos/Siargao, the budget can be kept well. In our opinion, this building has the architectural and communicative potentials that will help the citizens of Burgos/Siargao to overcome their traumas and to revitalize their hometown.

This iconic market hall can give them an idea of a better future.

The site _Burgos _Prov. Siargao _Philippines
Site plan
Main construction
Second construction
In case of thyphoon: COCOONING _wooden panels encase the entire building
Market + Karinderya at the ground floor | library + manager’s room at the first floor
Ground floor _market + Karinderya
First floor _library + manager’s room
View into the Karinderya _a sunny in-/outdoor area for multipurpose social life and political participation
Evening meeting in the manager‘s studio | a cool breeze from the sea  blows through the tilted windows

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