Flat Lot

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Location _Flint | USA
Concept _Superimposition

Instead of occupying the ±0.00 level and losing parking space for the current time of the summer event, we propose an uplifted 111 x 79 feet wide wooden platform at a level of +12 feet. This new public cultural space superimposes the existing parking lot. It‘s constructive substructure allows unshortened parking use all day long.

01_Alternative culture: At the same time it gives Flint a rough but completely covered ±0.00 ground floor for alternative cultural use at night-time like video performances, techno raves, underground party events, poetry slams, flees markets…

02_High culture: At level +12‘ the citizenship of Flint gets a spectacular urban balcony. His atmosphere is light, wide and of a filigree poetry: A semipermeable modular structure filters the sunlight and generates a cool and shady place. As the weather changes, the atmosphere at this platform is even oscillating. At nighttime, the suspending roof functions as a horizontal screen for performative light shows. A stage, mobile seats and drinking/eating facilities complete the setting.

Site plan
Perspective view
Upper floor
Night view
Lower floor

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