Beam Camp

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Architectural project 
Location _Strafford | USA
Concept _The Voronoi nest

The slender, delicately built structure seems to have emerged without a specific author, or at least without a concrete intention behind the design, reminding the viewer more of a patch of undergrowth or a thorny thicket than a man-made artifact. As if it had always been there, it fits perfectly into the natural environment. This metaphorical wireframe structure creates an open, transitory space. With its large number of crisscrossing lines, this space lends corporeal form to a sense of airiness and lightness, evoking a nearly intangible framework or web of thoughts. The classic division between “inside” and “outside” is blurred, and it becomes a locus of “in-between,” linking the shore and the lake, between the shaded forest and the wide-open horizon. A place for Argonauts, for those about to set sail. And also a place of extravagance or eccentricity. Suspended into the vertical, it frames the landscape like a window, enclosing it and giving it power and impact at the same time. Seemingly disorganized and interwoven at random, like felt or a tangle of driftwood, this artificial BIRD’S NEST fits naturally into this ecologically valuable, sensitive natural area. The different-colored woods used for the structure all come from the immediate area, and some pieces could even be gathered as deadfall from the surrounding woods.

Night view

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