Vertical Farming Station _Berlin Kreuzberg

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Architectural project
Location _Berlin Kreuzberg _Moritzplatz | Germany
Concept _Transforming a gasoline station into a Vertical Farming project

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Our VERTICAL FARMING STATION lays in the center of Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany, close to the Moritzplatz. This area is a hot spot for alternative lifestyles and new ways of social communication. In the neighbourhood the PRINZESSINENGÄRTEN are located, a well known area for URBAN GARDENING. The AUFBAUHAUS nearby is a popular location for start ups and coworking spaces. We are situated insofar at one of the most interesting places for radical ideas of alternative living and contemporary nutrition concepts.

At the rooftop we propose a second, an ARTIFICIAL GASOLINE STATION, realized by local artists with existing ressources (upcycling). This rooftop acts as an outdoor farm (URBAN GARDENING) during daytime and as a meeting place for informal social events at the evening. At the ground floor a GREEN MARKET is situated where people can buy the herbs which are being produced in the upper floors for multiple times and during the whole year.

The advantages of Vertical Farming
• 0.5% space usage
• Zero chemical pesticides
• 95% less water
• 75% less fertilizers
• 90% less transportation

Situation before
Situation after transformation
Situation before
Situation after transformation

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