Tall emblem structure in Za’abeel Park

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Architectural project
Location _Za’abeel Park | Dubai | Arab Emirates
Concept _The design focuses on the specific climatic conditions in Dubai with predominantly very hot, sunny and partially windy conditions. A semipermeable all-over-structure with the local traditional arab-oriented ornamentation filters the sunlight, initiating the changing atmosphere between light and shadow. Between the first semipermeable black and the second translucent white building covering, a number of useful urban spaces are formed – paths, alleys, courtyards, and small squares – which adopts the motif of the ventilated yet shaded space and progresses the excellent and subtly developed arabic building tradition. The design employs an integral generation and materialization, which embeds the adaptation to changing environmental conditions through continuous feedback information in a generative design approach. Here the adaptive versatility and vicissitude of the building systems space is of central importance: Systems that integrate aspects such as lighting, climate, sound and moisture with the programmatic, constructive and formal requirements into an architecture, which is performative.

Semipermeable pattern
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The twisted semipermeable hull
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General perspective
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The lobby
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Exhibition space
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Inner outside

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