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Concept _Our design stages the SILOS DE LA MUJERES as a high-profile place of culture, as a place of interaction and social communication in the center of Buenos Aires.

A suggestively large, elliptical-volumetric subtraction from the closed volume of the silos opens the central urban promenade from the Plaza de Mayor to the Park Mujeres Argentinas and the shores of the South Atlantic. At the intersection of this horizontal boulevard and the eminent verticality of the silos, an open urban intersection is created: a joint, that leads the flâneurs through the building and, via two generous spiral staircases, into it. The SILOS DE LA MUJERES are conceived as a mutiuse place for realphysical post-covid encounter of very diverse actors and generations and are meant to promote political, cultural and social exchange and discourse. One could see in it the idea of a living room of the city. A place open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, designed to bring people together with free admission at all times and without requiring them to consume anything here or pursuing commercial interests.

Inscribed in the programming of the building are a gallery for contemporary arts, are spaces for experimental video and sound installations, for media art (VR/AR), a library and spaces for spontaneous and informal gatherings of socio-political participation. At the ground floor we propose the following uses: Information, café, book store, and a gamescape for children. In the southern section, the tubular radial geometry of the silos provides ideal stages for performances by actors, dancers and poets.

An avenue of cherry trees supports the north-south passage. Flower meadows and park benches invite visitors to relax and enjoy the the hustle and bustle of the port.

The building becomes a landmark with a far-reaching identity because its tubular-vertical silo geometry is enhanced by very tall, slightly tapered glass bodies that project deep into the building, creating constantly changing lighting moods in the building, and extend far beyond the silos. These enigmatic glass bodies glow delicately and multicolored like holograms. Visible from afar, they rhythmize the urban panorama and, as semi-transparent volumes, extend the towering verticality of the silos into infinity. The bulky building thus seems to breathe in and out, seems to be in motion. We look at this equilibristic play of the glass bodies as a silent music.

The walkable roof becomes a labyrinth of lights: the natural beauty of the sunlight and the multicolored sunsets mixes up there with the fluid and iridescent, artificial light moods of the metaphysically appearing light bodies.

The ruinous, fragmented stairs tower is gutted and otherwise left constructively secured but unchanged in its brittleness as cultural heritage. Inside it, a completely redesigned staircase (‘house-within-a-house’ motif) is being created, providing access to all levels of the silo. On its top floors are studios for artist fellows as well as an observation deck with sky bar and a spectacular view to the ocean.

Site 1937
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Longitudinal section

  • 01_House in the house _existing tower fragment + new stairs and elevators 
  • 02_Artists residences
  • 03_Ocean view platform with sky bar _ chilling out
  • 04_Labyrinth of lights _roof terrace with hologram-like glowing glass tubes
  • 05_Discussions | political participation | library
  • 06_Buenos Aires Contemporary Arts Lab
  • 07_Administration | media arts labs | VR | AR
  • 08_Info | café | book shop | children‘s area
  • 09_Urban intersection _promenade from Plaza de Mayo to „Mujeres Argentinas“ park
  • 10_Spontaneous performances | dancing | theater | cabaret
  • 11_Moving images and sounds _experimental videos and cinema, sound installations
  • 12_Double twist _spiral stairs entrance
Longitudinal section
Prespective view from West
Buenos Aires Contemporary Arts Lab _Luc Tuymans exhibition
Urban intersection _view towards the city of Buenos Aires
Artists residencies and ocean view
Moving images and sounds
Labyrinth of holographic lights at the roof top
Roof top plan
Third floor plan
First and second floor plan
Ground floor plan

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