Twelfth Night or What You Will

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William Shakespeare _Twelfth Night or What You Will
Stage and Costume Design
Location _Staatstheater Saarbrücken
Concept _The imPerfect form | The transForm | The metaForm | Fluids

The scenography focuses on the enormous transgender and metamorphotic energy of Shakespeare’s dramatic figures. His comedy ‘What You Will’ is an obsessive game about changing identity, transforming the own body and gender. The protagonists dream to be indifferent in reference of their sexual orientation, they hanker for having all the options of an ‘early form,’ which than could be transformed in any direction. Going back their personal timeline to a ‘hermaphrodite status’ is a regressive utopia for them. Our stage design reflects these themes and is to be seen as an ‘early and imperfect form’, as a fluid and self-generazing system. It looks like being designed without any author, seems to be more like a foundling, a leftover, washed-out by sea-waves since years. Time is passing by explicitly in this scenography, all forms are just ‘one moment forms’, they can chance their shape even in the next moment.

First idea
Second version
Final version
Building up
The empty stage

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